General Historical Section D

This section displays old & vintage fire equipments, pictures, publications and artefacts.

Left above: The oldest object in the museum: a swob mop used to extinguish flames. (19th century)

Middle: Rusted-through chemical fire extinguisher from the 1920s/30s, discovered in a remote and long-abandoned building complex that had served as an old people's home and an asylum. Maalahti, Finland.

Right:  A primitive dry powder fire extinguisher Branus, manufactured in the Netherlands. (The tube)

Below: A so-called Nazi-type fire helmet from Finland (1950s).

Right :A gift article (liquor bottle) from Finland that imitates a spool of rescue rope, a standard item in a fireman's personal gear.

Above: A French toy fire engine from 1950's

  FBU Miniature helmet/paperweight/gift object, Fire Brigade Union (UK).

British die cast rescue toys, 1940's


Finnish fire department board game from 1950's


Helsinki city fire department, Ambulance ticket 2,50 marks, 1960's

Firefighting Technology Past and Present

children's collectible cards 

from the former German Democratic Republic.

Ambulance blanket from Helsinki with red cross and text: Fire Department

Plastic ambulances, manufactured  somewhere in Eastern Europe 
during the socialistic era

Helsinki firemen photographed in the backyard of Kallio Fire Station, 1940's
(Photo: Helsinki Rescue dept.)

"The little fire guard" educational colouring book for children

Fire officer, a miniature bronze sculpture from Hungary

A German nazi era training booklet for Fire Service, 
part 1: Supression Attack 
Berlin 1939

 Finnish collectible gard from the coffee package, 1950's

Volunteer Fire Brigade III  medal (Finland)
Toy fireman from early 1960's (Germany)

Showbox D

American type ladder pumper, tin toy from 1960's (Made in Japan)

Finnish fire helmet, made of steel 1950's

Scale model of old fire station with fire engines from 1950's