Section C Fire Souvniers & collectibles etc.

This section includes souvenirs, tourist photos, postcards, helmets, brochures, a firefighting gifts, collectibles and other fire scrap from different countries. 

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"ABNEGACION - SACRIFICIO - VALOR" pennon of volunteer fire brigade of Vicente Lopez

 Founder of the Fire & Rescue Museum under Finland's biggest fire helmet in Kiuruvesi, 1995.

 Fire helmet of English manufacture, nicknamed "Chantarelle", 

used in the City of Helsinki Rescue Department.

Left: Fire helmet from 1970 -80 's ( Helsinki Fire dept.)

Right: Fire helmet given by a fireman from Hamburg to an Icelandic female artist to woo her, but without much success.

Fire Department rescue frogman unit on a frozen sea.
  (Photo: Helsinki Rescue Department, Finland)

Squirrel Fire dept.

 Pennon of Israel army civil defence corps

"Rescue 1 Fireman" Toy fire helmet by OfPE . 
- official fire playing equipment TM.

Fire Brigade Pennon from Czechoslovakia

Scale model of a modernist fire station from the early 1960s, 

representative of the style of the "Alvar Aalto School".

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Samples from The Fire Museum's collection of Press clippings from Finnish papers about heroic deeds done in fires by animals:

Kitten Saves Family

"Poodle Saves Two People, Dies Himself"

"Tomi the Dog Saves Four-Year-Old from Flames – Hair Singed on the Dog's Back, Boy Unscathed"

Animal fire dept.

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