Fire fighting and rescue in USSR

Fire & Rescue Museum, Section F

This display case showcases firefighting 

in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The following items deserve mention:

 - A portfolio with art reproductions representing Soviet Socialist Realism, from the series: Working People in Art: FIREMEN(1980)

- A collection of scale models and photos of Soviet fire engine types.

- Collection of Soviet propaganda pictures on the themes of firefighting and public safety.

- Soviet fire brigade medals.

- Soviet instructional civil defence booklet: "WHAT EVERYONE MUST KNOW".

- Civil defence and firefighting instructional billboards and their components.

- Photos of fires and fire stations in former Finnish territory in Karelia, and elsewhere in Russia (various photographers).

Scale models of Soviet Fire Engine types

Showbox F general view

Firefighting and public safety propaganda photographs from unknown soviet photographers:

Samples from the portfolio Working People in Art: FIREMEN(1980):

Powder extinguisher made by plastic

Soviet fire helmet made by metal

First aid for frost injury, from poster series on first aid